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Euphraise Barbier


Euphrasie Barbier

Adele Euphrasie Barbier who was a New Zealand a Roman catholic nun who was also a founder and a teacher who  was born at Caen, Normandy France on the 4th of January 1829 the child of Louis-Désiré Barbier and his wife Jeanne Adèle Le Cler she had worked as a laundress before entering her religious life.

In 1848, Adele Euphrasie Barbier (Mother Mary Heart of Jesus)  had joined a small, recently founded a religious order the Sisters of Calvary. In 1851 she was part of a group sent to London to learn english as a prelude to work on the  mission field. Barbier had attempted to transfer to the Marist sisters, but this completely brought her into contact with the Marist fathers based in Lyons. In 1861 she had been invited by J.M Favre their superior general, to respond to Bishop P. J. Viard's request for a  group of sisters to take charge of a school in Wellington, New Zealand Barbier first visited New Zealand in 1872.

She was a caring and a thoughtful  person who had given up her time to teach the younger generation and committed to a religious life as well. Barbier first visited New Zealand in 1872. Euphrasie was a woman of strong personality. Mother Mary of the heart of Jesus sadly passed away at St Ann’s Convent at Westbere, Kent in England on 18 of January 1893 aged 64.

We can use these qualities today by teaching the younger generation to be grateful for what they have and to serve our community helping others in need.

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