Tuesday, 29 October 2019


-  This is an Example this isn't a real invitation
Today in class, we have been taught how to create a Invitation we had to include all of the relevant details we also had  to consider/ think about  the design to see if it was appropriate for the person reading it as well. Not only that we were also learning reasons why Invitations get sent out.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Values of a Good Family.


What makes a Good Family?

My Crazy Samoan Family:

Being in a Good family means, everyone has each others backs, going
through good and bad times, being loyal and also having endless bonds.
Not only that unconditional love. So welcome to my strict but loving story
about my Samoan family :). 

Sometimes my family can be very strict but I know for sure that they
would always be loyal. Loyalty is something which is important to my
family because it means I can rely on them and trust them. Not only
that honesty is something very important to my family.  If we don’t have
honesty we couldn’t trust each other but
sometimes it is hard to find someone trustworthy in the family. 

In my family, understanding is also important because If we didn't
understand each others point of view we all would've just not talked
to each other, not only that, everyone would just get mad  which would
break the family bond. The only reason why we understand them is
because we have known them for our entire life. 

No matter what a family goes through, no one can replace each other
because no family is perfect. Each family can have ups and downs at
some point but each family bond is strong. Having a strong family
bond is what makes a Good family.

Monday, 23 September 2019

The Treasure Box.

Just before we had to evacuate our house, Dad had pulled out a book. He said this book is about our people, it's rarer than rubies, most splendid than silver and greater than Gold. Dad wrapped up the book in a thick cloth then putting it in an iron box saying this will keep this treasure safe, and then we left for our long journey ahead of  us.

As we are packing to  leave the village, I quickly tried to fit everything in my suitcase. Just as we are packing to leave, we get a message saying that mom is missing.  I turn to dad and I could already see he is starting to tear up, it breaks my heart that mom is missing, but I know I have to carry on and leave the village.  Just as we leave our home dad quickly grabs an iron box and tells me there is a Treasure inside . I step one foot out of the door and I could already see people rushing, yelling in fear. I see the village become engulfed in flames. It makes me sad that my childhood village is burning down right in front of my eyes. 

As we leave our village, I turn and half of the village has already burned down. I have a feeling that mom won't make it, as the days go by and we are still walking to find a good place to stay. It gets darker and a bit cold  so we all stopped on the side of the road and cuddle together so we can all stay warm. As I lay on the cold and damp road, all I can think is about where will we live, how many people had survived and also why was it bombed. So I stick close to dad and cuddle through the long cold night. I open my eyes and  see people are starting to wake up, I look around and also see some people are missing. In my head I was thinking ‘ Did someone actually kill them in their sleep?’.

As the days went by, we all sat on the side of the road, Dad is getting  sicker and weaker each day which makes me upset. Out of nowhere Dad takes my hand and says, you must be brave for both of us promise me you will keep our treasure safe. So that's what I had done, I promised Dad that I will I keep the treasure safe. In the morning the Villagers help buried Dad, they all said something nice about Dad which reminds me about all of the memories we had.  

After he was buried, the villagers told me to leave the Iron Box behind because we have a long journey ahead of us. I didn’t know what to do because I promised Dad that I will keep his treasure safe and I did not want to break his promise which we had made. I left my suitcase behind which had all of my things I needed but I knew deep inside of me that I had to take the Iron Box.

By the time we had reached the last village, my arms were in pain. I couldn’t take it over the mountains. At the end of the village there was a beautiful ancient  Linden tree, I buried it underneath the tree so it will be safe and it wouldn’t be destroyed by bombs and fire.

During the following years  I grew older, in a different country, I started to think about Dad and the treasure which I had buried. I loved the treasure and my dad  more than any other thing in this world. When it was safe to return, I decided to go back to the ancient linden tree. I saw this little girl playing around the tree. When I got near I told her about the Treasure which I had buried, she helped dig it up. She said  “Will I see rubies, silver and gold?” I opened the box, she said “Oh it's just a book.” I told her it is a book about our People about us, it's rarer than rubies, more splendid than silver and greater than gold.  

 I took the Iron box back to my old village which I had lived when I was a little boy  and could see there was a new library. I put the book on the shelf along with the brand new books, where it could be found and read and also loved.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

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