Monday, 22 July 2019

Sunday, 23 June 2019


Talofa lava,Kia ora, Malo e lelei, Namaste and Hello!. My Name is Idaliah, I am a full Samoan and I am currently attending St Patrick's school Panmure as a Year 8 Student. I was born in Australia, Melbourne Victoria along with my twin sister. I have a normal family  along with my 4
siblings and my mum. I am currently 12, turning 13 this year.

Im currently a student in Room 8, my favorite subject is Reading, I also hate Writing and Maths because its a subject where im not exactly good at but Im still trying my best at it. I love Netball, because it is a sport I do in my free time and I like to play it with my family. I also enjoy gaming with my friends, I like to watch Korean Drama, right now I am currently watching Who are You, something I really enjoy doing is listening to some songs and my favorite singer/ rapper is Cardi B, BTS, Blackpink  and Annie Grace. One of my Challenges for this year is to stay focused and to learn more about myself as I go because I know that I want to be successful by the end of the year, Im not exactly  perfect but either way I still try my best at all times.

Someone who has Inspired me is my family because they  are very successful in my life and have been with me thru hard times and still continues to have my back and  also supports me 24/7 it also Inspires me to do my best at school as well. What I am looking forward to this year is Graduating, Im  also looking forward to achieve my goals and try to be the best person I can be at all times.

Monday, 17 June 2019


I think this will be important because everyone should eventually feel safe in school where ever they go and should feel as if they are in a safe and in a caring environment in school grounds as well , this should be placed at the canopy so that people will know to be friendly with each other and would not pick on other kids also.

Thursday, 13 June 2019


Matariki is a Maori name for a group of the Seven Stars/sisters it can also be known by the name of Pleiades star cluster. There are 7 stars  and the names are Waita, Tupu-a-rangi, Waiti, Matariki, Ururangi, Waipuna-a-rangi and Tupu-a-nuku. It is celebrated on the last few days of May it rises in mid-winter and for many Maori it is a symbol of Maori new year and it connects to the dead and also celebrates new life as well. It is an important  celebration because it signals a time to gather and preserve crops. Many people celebrate it differently all over the world and Matariki had become popular again it had stopped being a popular celebration  in the early 1940s,In the 2000s it was revived and not many people had participated in it. To this day many many people still celebrate it and it is a celebration that some of us can never forget.

Thursday, 6 June 2019


Sunday, 5 May 2019

Have a go sailing.

On the 1st of may on a Wednesday, the Senior kids of Saint Patrick's School Panmure,went to Okahu bay for Have a go sailing. Many thanks to the Lion foundation,Rotary,Volvo and Zhik for sponsoring and making this day happen and also to our sailing Instructions Steve,JR and also Justin for teaching us how to Sail.

The first thing we learned was how to Rig our Optimist (Sailing boat) once we had set up our boat, Steve was teaching us how to control and how to keep the boat steady. After that it was morning tea we all sat at the bench and chatted until morning tea was over

Manaiakalani Learner Questionnaire.

This afternoon i have been  able to complete the Manaiakalani Learner Questionnaire with the help of Ms Collins. I had found some questions a bit tricky because I didn't know what they had meant, The Manaiakalani Learner Questionnaire was a bit hard in the beginning but at the end I had finished the Survey successfully.